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Photo exhibition by Andrei Marhotin "Buddha's Temple on the Neva Banks".

Shooting: 2004 - 2005

The exhibition came out of the author's curiosity tolerated by lamas. Looking on the shooting for several months the lamas let the photographer capture Temple as he saw it

Dharma Wheel shown up in the Temple's wall,
unconventional Buddha's portrait,
deers listening to the first preaching,
rainwater pipe turned into birch,
birch with a Buddhist flag,
the moon measuring time,
lama reflected in the column,
altar made from small painted boards,
time evidence...

Exhibitions staged:

- Conference devoted to Agvan Dorjiev (Russian Ethnographical Museum, St.Petersburg, Russia), November 2004
- Mayakovsky Library (St.Petersburg, Russia), January 2005
- UNESCO Gallery (Vilnius, Lithuania), February-March 2006
- Russian Culture Centre (Kaunas, Lithuania), April 2006
- Sampilov's Art Museum (Ulan-Ude, Russia), July 2006
- State Duma (Russian Parlament), (Moscow), October 2006